ARGUN is an internationally recognized Czech manufacturer of bulletproof vests for top and concealed wear, bulletproof helmets, anti-shock kits and other equipment  for the army, police and other security forces.

Safety and comfort

Our goal is to contribute to ensuring the best possible conditions for the members of the EMS in the performance of their tasks.

Balistická vesta, sumky , nosič plátů

Own development department – Premium material – Product without compromises

Development department: our own development department can boast almost thirty years of experience, which we will provide to each of our customers. In this way, everyone receives the highest level of care at the beginning of the collaboration, this is the only way to achieve the final maximum satisfaction with the final product, this is the only way it can truly be without compromises.

We are now in agreement and have a clear idea of how the product will look.

Where does the production take place? We have. our own production site in Hradec Králové. Thanks to this, we are able to comfortably cover both more capacity-demanding orders, which are around 10,000 pieces of bulletproof vests and 5,000 pieces of helmets per month, as well as custom production of units of pieces.

We like to participate in large orders where we make full use of our capacities, as well as in custom production. Our own production and development department has really great possibilities, see for yourself or take a look at our references.